Employment Tribunal claims plummet by 79 percent

2014-07-29 Jennifer Renney-Butland posted:

Today (29th July) marks the first anniversary of the introduction of fees in the Employment Tribunal. As a result of the change, claims in the Employment Tribunal have fallen by 79% in the last 12 months, with women and low-paid workers affected the most.

Research by the Citizens Advice Bureau found that 7 out of 10 potentially successful cases that could have gone before tribunals were not pursued, with compulsory fees being the main reason why people choose to abandon their claims.

The latest statistics show:

  • 85% fall in claims for unpaid wages and holiday pay
  • 80% fall in sex discrimination claims
  • 70% fall in claims for non-payment of the national minimum wage
  • 60% fall in disability claims
  • 26% fall in pregnancy discrimination claims

Good news for employers but bad news for employees.

However, employees often have legal expenses insurance without realising it, which could cover the cost of the tribunal fees and enable them to pursue valid claims. And compensation payments awarded to employees have increased significantly, so it is worth checking whether you have cover if you are an employee who has been unfairly treated.

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