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We provide specialist employment law advice and services for businesses and individuals in Trowbridge and surrounding areas.


Whether you are a company director seeking advice on your legal rights and obligations, or a junior employee in Trowbridge with questions about employment tribunals, we can offer you help at any level.
We will tell you in plain, straightforward language what your rights are and what action needs to be taken, so you can decide the best course of action to take to get the result you want.

Early Conciliation

We can deal with Acas early conciliation on your behalf, leaving you to focus on more important things. We will:

  • 1. Talk you through the process
  • 2. Advise on the value of your claim
  • 3. Complete the notification process
  • 4. Handle negotiations and liase with Acas for you
  • 5. Prepare the paperwork needed to settle your potential claim

Your Business

Employee rights and employer responsibilities are changing constantly through new regulations and case law.
We can provide all the specialist help that you need, from that first important telephone call, to drafting all letters and documents required to protect your Trowbridge business and follow best practice. We can guide you through all your employment issues at every stage.


Consultancy agreements are common where a business appoints a self-employed individual, or another business or company to work on a particular project or service, and it is advisable to have a consultancy agreement in place, to ensure that the important terms of the agreement are in place. We can help you to protect your Trowbridge business by offering guidance on what type of consultancy agreement you need, and drafting the terms and conditions for you.

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