Union worker sacked for complaining about his zero hours contract sues for £200,000

2016-01-27 chris posted:

Martyn Reuby has taken his ex-employer, the union Unite to the Employment Tribunal over a row about zero-hours contracts. Mr Reuby was a Unite member for over 40 years, and worked as a lecturer teaching union officials in the South-East of England. He claims that up to 500 lecturers were unlawfully categorized as not being employees of Unite.

Unite claims that Mr Reuby was self-employed, but lost that argument in March 2015 after the Employment Tribunal ruled that he had been employed on a short-term contract between 2008 and 2014, and therefore denied basic rights.

Mr Reuby was dismissed on 11th March 2014. He claims his dismissal was a result of continuously raising issues with his employer about the terms of his employment dating back to 2011. He is claiming over £200,000 for loss of earnings, injury to feelings and breach of contract. If successful, it could lead the way for hundreds of other lecturers making similar claims.

Mr Reuby told the tribunal:

'I strongly believe that my dismissal was automatically unfair and that the decision to dismiss was in itself an act of victimisation because I was a thorn in the side of management, particularly in relation to the concerns expressed about the use of zero hours contracts within the union, which was clearly hypocritical.'

The case continues.

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Philip helped me out of a very tricky situation at work. He gave me great advice to enable me to leave my job when I wanted to and on terms which I was very happy with.