Report published on impact of gender on employment and education

2015-11-30 chris posted:

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills has published a report examining the impact of gender on a range of education and employment outcomes.

The research shows that women working in financial and insurance sectors, as well as other professional roles, are worst affected by the pay gap, with some earning almost 40% less than men. This is despite evidence that nearly a third more women than men go on to study at degree level in the UK and that females outperform males at all levels of education from GCSEs to post-graduate studies.

The House of Commons Library has also published a research briefing, which summarises the background material relating to the gender pay gap debate. The research reveals that in April 2014, there was little difference between median earning in full-time jobs for men and women aged 17-39, but there was a large median pay gap for men and women aged 40 and over.

In July 2015, the government launched a consultation on gender pay gap reporting. The consultation closed on 6 September 2015 and results are yet to be published.

The Prime Minister and the Women and Equalities Minister, Nicky Morgan MP announced earlier this month new measures, as part of wider plans (which have not as yet been published), to address gender pay inequality and "end the gender pay gap in a generation".

Section 147 in the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 requires the government to make regulations under section 78 of the Equality Act 2010 requiring private and voluntary sector employers with at least 250 employees to publish information about their gender pay gap by 25 March 2016. The government launched a consultation on the implementation of gender pay gap reporting in July 2015. The consultation closed in September 2015 and the government's response and draft regulations are awaited.

The government has now indicated its intention to include bonus information within gender pay gap reporting and to extend the obligation to publish gender pay data to public sector employers. The government also pledges to work with business to eliminate all-male boards in the UK's top 350 companies.

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