Howzat Umpires bowled out for retirement

2014-08-29 Jennifer Renney posted:

It was recently reported that two long-serving and respected cricket umpires face mandatory retirement at the end of this year’s cricket season because the ECB has a mandatory retirement policy, thus preventing these two umpires from prolonging their umpiring careers with the ECB beyond the age of 65.

Both are keen to continue for a further season or two, and claim that they are fit individuals with unimpaired eyesight to enable them carrying on beyond the age of 70. They feel that forcing them to retire is just not cricket!

The ECB thinks that it can justify its policy of compulsory retirement at 65 on the ground that this will allow recently retired players to enter a new career of umpiring. There is divided opinion amongst umpires themselves as to whether older umpires should make way for younger candidates.

The default retirement age of 65 was abolished in 2011. As a result most organisations and businesses no longer have a compulsory retirement age for their employees. If employers want to force employees to retire at a certain age, they will need to show an objective justification for doing so. If they can’t show this, compulsory retirement can amount to unlawful age discrimination.

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