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Ikea breaches of employment regulations

Image by Gerard StolkEmployers in the UK who abide by employment and health and safety regulations and pay their staff a decent wage will be angered by the callous actions of Ikea towards truck drivers who work for a pittance in dreadful conditions delivering Ikea furniture across Europe. Ikea have suggested that they cannot keep track of their co...

Enforcement of employment tribunal awards under the new FastTrack system

What is FastTrack?A new Fast Track scheme has been introduced to speed up and simplify the enforcement process. Before the FastTrack it was still possible to transfer an employment tribunal award to the High Court for enforcement, but the FastTrack system has made the process simpler and easier, reducing the number of forms required to just one.Th...

Differences in employment tax are unfair

Differences in how employees, the self-employed and company owner-managers are taxed are 'costly, inefficient and unfair', according to a report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS). The IFS has concluded lower taxes for the self-employed are not justified by fewer employment rights. The report has set out a recommendation to level the employm...

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