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Breach of contract employee lands up in jail

It is not often that a breach of confidentiality clauses in a contract of employment results in a jail sentence for an employee but that is precisely what happened in this month’s case of OCS v Dadi.The High Court had granted an interim injunction to the employer prohibiting the employee from disclosing confidential information belonging to his e...

Discrimination at recruitment stage

A candidate with Asperger’s syndrome, Ms Brookes, was discriminated against by being required by GLS to sit a multiple choice test as part of a competitive recruitment process. The requirement to sit the test, and Ms Brookes’ failure to proceed to the next stage of the process due to an inadequate test result, amounted to indirect discriminatio...

Uber employment saga continues

Uber has been dealt a further blow after a preliminary opinion from the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice decided that the company is not a digital service and should abide by national laws governing transport providers, meaning that Uber may have to obtain necessary licenses in relevant member states including the UK.Whilst the Adv...

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