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30% increase in employment tribunal claims in last year

The number of people bringing an employment tribunal claim in any given week has increased by nearly 30% in the year since July 2017 when fees were declared unlawful, according to figures published by resolution services body the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas), increasing from 1,700 p...

Employer’s interference with employee’s internet accounts went too far

A company recently found out the hard way the implications of interfering with one of their ex-employee’s personal internet accounts in the case of Richmond v Selecta Systems. The Claimant, Mr Richmond, was a sales representative with the Defendant, Selecta Systems. In 2016, Mr Richmond was managed out of...

Can disability discrimination be based on menopause?

In short – yes!It was only a matter of time before menopausal symptoms were brought into the category of disability, and that’s exactly what happened in the recent case of Davies v Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service where the Claimant successfully claimed unfair dismissal and that the dismissal was di...

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Philip helped me out of a very tricky situation at work. He gave me great advice to enable me to leave my job when I wanted to and on terms which I was very happy with.



I passed on a copy of your letter to my boss (and) had the desired outcome. (My boss) made my life pretty unpleasant … but it was well worth pursuing. Many thanks for your help – it turned out to be the best money I could spend!

Client on 15th January 2015