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Differences in employment tax are unfair

Differences in how employees, the self-employed and company owner-managers are taxed are 'costly, inefficient and unfair', according to a report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS). The IFS has concluded lower taxes for the self-employed are not justified by fewer employment rights. The report has set out a recommendation to level the employm...

Employment Tribunal grants ‘self employed contractor’ employment law protections

Hot on the heels of the recent Uber drivers’ case, the London Central Employment Tribunal has ruled that a bicycle courier at CitySprint UK Ltd was a ‘worker’ for the purposes of the Employment Rights Act 1996, despite the contractual documents describing her as a self-employed contractor. The effect of this is to grant the courier employment...

Rokoduguni unfair dismissal

All you rugby fans out there will know that winger Semesa Rokoduguni performed brilliantly for the England team in the match against Fiji last Saturday when he scored two tries, made 139m and six clean breaks.Rokoduguni was Man of the Match one minute, but then cut from the England squad by the boss the next.Was this fair? Probably not when you con...

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Are differences in employment tax unfair? We think so. Let's hope the playing field levels out. #employmentlaw renneyandco.co.uk/eng/blog/2017-…


Employment Tribunal grants ‘self-employed contractor’ employment law protectirenneyandco.co.uk/eng/blog/2017-…I#RenneyandCon#employmentlawtlaw


Rokoduguni: Man of the Match 1 min, cut from England squad the next. #UnfairDismissal is common, but we can help. renneyandco.co.uk/eng/blog/2016-…


Thank you for your advice and expertise as well as your kindness and support. You have made a considerable difference to the way I have managed this experience and I am grateful that I found you! I won't hesitate to recommend you if the need arises.

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Thank you very much for all your help. I really wasn't sure my employer was going to agree to the settlement, but we have managed to achieve the best possible outcome and for that I am grateful.

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